Love At First Sight


It lasted probably 36 hours, but it was the most romantic filled 36 hours I have had in a long time.

The company I’ve been traveling with has to help out with the High School division of the history competition for about a weekend in D.C. and this is the longest we get on the entire tour to actually stay in one place. Like I stated earlier, I deleted my dating apps. I didn’t want to use them anymore back home, so I went into this trip without them. Yet after seeing everyone already paired up I started to get a bit lonely. So since I knew I would have ample time in D.C. I decided to start up Tinder again and see if I could find myself a boy for the weekend. I got way more than I bargained for.

I matched with this handsome blond haired blue eyed man named Christopher and we started talking the first night I was in D.C. I was immediately attracted to him, and I was hoping I could get him to meet up and hangout during my free time in the city. We talked for about a day and then I asked him if he wanted to get dinner. He was hesitant because he was already tucked in for the night, but said why not and met me at a restaurant called Matchbox.

The second I saw him my heart fell. He was tall, extremely handsome, and he had this adorable smile where he wouldn’t show his teeth. And although his teeth weren’t perfectly aligned, I absolutely loved the moments where he let his guard down and actually let me see them. They were perfectly crooked.

We talked all throughout dinner about his activism, his job as a teacher, and how he was moving to Ukraine to work for the Peace Corps. He was my ideal man, and I kept pushing aside the thought that in 2 days I would be leaving. I didn’t want to think about it, and all throughout dinner I just hoped he wouldn’t want to leave right after. I wanted him to want more time with me.

Dinner was a huge success. The conversation flowed, I ate a delicious chicken sandwich, and I got to stare into beautiful blue eyes for over an hour. After he invited me to go out with him to a local gay bar and naturally I agreed. The bar was packed and filled with a ton of beautiful gentlemen, but weirdly enough, my attention was just on one.

He bought me two of the strongest drinks I have ever had and we danced. Eventually we kissed on the dance floor, and it was a perfect first kiss. It was like our lips already knew one another and they were greeting an old friend. Most first kisses are awkward, sometimes wet, and out of sync. But this one wasn’t. It felt like I was kissing lip that knew how mine were meant to be kissed, and I loved it.

All throughout the night, however, boys kept saying hi to him. Either he gets around, D.C. has a small gay scene, or he’s just very popular. I tried not to get jealous, why should I be? I just met this guy and I’m only here for a weekend. He doesn’t owe me anything and I don’t ow him anything. So I just drank my drink and enjoyed the night. It was fun seeing all the people stare at me like who is he and why was I with Christopher.

Christopher, however, wasn’t the only one getting all the attention. Since I was on tinder I had a few conversations with other people as well before I settled on focusing on Christopher, but I didn’t expect to run into any of them in person. But if you know my luck, of course I would come face to face with a guy I ghosted on Tinder. He and his friends approached me and he introduced himself and tried making conversation, but drunk me wasn’t having it. I was polite, but quickly took Christopher aside and we made our exit. While walking away I heard his friend awkwardly say, “Oh I guess he’s already with someone.”

I really wanted to go home with Christopher for two reasons. One, I was insanely attracted to him. Two, I didn’t drunkenly want to try and find a way back to my hotel that was on the completely opposite side of town. Christopher must have felt the same sparks I did because he asked if I wanted to come over and I said yes. I had zero hesitation. I mean, I didn’t know this guy. But I trusted my heart, and my heart said to go with it, so I did.

We got back to his place and changed into some pajamas. After climbing into bed together our bodies quickly became one. We were intertwined kissing and it was perfect. Like I said earlier, our kisses were made for each other. Okay, that might be dramatic, but I never had a first kiss that great. One thing led to another and we spent the rest of the night cuddled naked together without hardly moving. He made me feel wanted and desired, and he was so beautiful. The night was perfect and the following morning was even better.

We woke up still intertwined with one another, our bodies stuck with sweat and passion, but neither of us cared. We kissed each other good morning and he kissed my body all over. And if too much time passed in between kisses, we would say it has been too long and kiss each other again. It felt like we were a young couple in love.

We showered, got dressed, and went to breakfast together. We didn’t want to part ways, but I had to go to work after breakfast. He asked when I got out and I told him around 5 so he asked if he could pick me up and we could go to dinner and get pupusa’s because I had told him I thought the tapas I had the day before were a type of pupusa. I’m not dumb I swear! Of course I agreed, I didn’t want my time with him to end.

He picked me back up at my hotel at 6 and we went to go get dinner together. He took me to the school where he teaches, showed me the garden, and took me to overlook the city. It was perfect. The whole day/night he would kiss and hold my hand and my heart couldn’t keep up. It didn’t want the moment to end, and it wanted to stay in this weekend for forever. I told him it felt like we were a couple, and he agreed. So I proposed the idea we should be a couple for the rest of the day, official boyfriends, and he said yes. I officially had my first boyfriend since my break up ;).

After dinner we went back to his apartment, put on a movie, but never finished. We climbed into bed, discovered more of each others body, and eventually called it a night. I was exhausted form a long weekend of work, but I was also torn because I didn’t want the night to end. I wanted to stay up all night talking and getting to know more about the man I felt like I was falling in love with. Maybe I fell so quick because I knew we wouldn’t have more time, or maybe it was just some rare connection you get in an instant. I don’t really have the answer, all I know is my heart was racing and I couldn’t keep up.

When morning came my heart sank. I was leaving D.C. and this was our final goodbye. I told him we should break up and we had a good laugh about that. We kept kissing one another as my lips tried to figure out the proper way to say goodbye. I don’t think I succeeded because here I am almost a week later still writing about him not wanting to let go. I could spend an eternity trying to figure it out.

We’ve talked since either through snapchat or texting, and I proposed the idea that he should come to California or I come back to D.C. before he goes to Ukraine. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. I hope one day I do.

If anything, I learned that maybe you could find love in a short amount of time if you allow yourself just to feel. I never told him I loved him, that would have been crazy and I don’t think I do love him. But I did tell him I liked him a lot, and he reciprocated the same feelings. I know I could love him, and that was enough hope for me to hold on to that I will love again, and I’m not as broken as I thought my ex made me.


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