Oh What a Drag


Stepping into a new group is intense. You’re disrupting a dynamic that has been built over time, but for this road trip, this group is not a team. Some are coupled up, hooking up on the regular without any idea of the emotional consequences that could come when the trip is over. Other’s just go with the flow, but so far no one seems to know what they want to get from this trip.

When I took this road trip last year, we did everything together. We were a family and we acted like one. We knew what our responsibilities would be during work events, but we planned our off time in every city so we got the most of it. No one here so far has done that, and it kind of makes me sad. I don’t want them to look back at this experience and think they had a bad time when I know they could have a great one.

So I took the initiative. I was a new energy to the group, and after they lost 6 interns, I was the phoenix that was born from their absence. Okay, that name was given to me. I’m not so self centered to call myself that, but I do like it.

I asked my friend and co-worker Matt, who went with me on my original tour and was on this one, what the low down was on all the interns. He gave me a breakdown, and I took that information with me into meeting them. I didn’t take it as truth, I am a firm believer that you should come up with your own perception of a person, but I used it to test its validity. Overall, he was right.

The group was super welcoming, and I have already bonded closely with who I would consider the leader; Laura. They taught me this years new set-up for work events, but pretty much everything was the same. We got through our first event together and after, I wanted to go out. It was a Saturday night and I was in Louisville KY. I didn’t plan on coming back here, so I wanted to take full advantage of it.

I started to throw out the idea I wanted to go out downtown to the group, and quickly word spread. Pretty soon it came to the point where no one knew why we wanted to go out, but that we just did. Apparently, from what I learned, is that the group doesn’t go out often. They generally coop themselves up in their hotel rooms and don’t explore the cities in which they stay. My job, is to change that. I couldn’t figure out why I came on this tour again, and what possessed me to drop everything and just go. But now I’m the Gordon Ramsey of this group and I will be the decision maker. I mean, someone has to right?

I gathered everyone and we went downtown to a place called 4th Street Live. It was a cool little street with tons of bars and we went into one with live country music and a bunch of games. I ended up playing corn hole against another Californian who now calls Louisville his home. Needless to say, he squashed me like a freaking bug in that game and beat me 21 to 5.

The bar was full of tons of beautiful people, both male and female. If anyone knows me, you know my type is blonde and blue-eyed, and this bar was full of them. They were probably all very straight, and I wasn’t about to make a move on someone and have my ass kicked for it. This was Kentucky after all. But that didn’t stop me from staring, and boy were there plenty of pretty blue eyes for me to swim in.

It was interesting, because I was the new one to the group, yet I was the one taking charge and leading. I led them to 4th street, I picked the bar, and I decided that next we should hit up a gay bar a few streets over. Surprisingly, they all agreed and followed me.

The gay bar had a cover and I went in first to see the crowd and it was dead! But they also had a drag show and gave you a free drink, so the cover was basically the price of a drink. Half the group went in and the other half hung back at the outside bar. I constantly ran between the two groups to make sure everyone was okay, and I did this because that’s what we are; a group.

This was my first drag show, and of course I would find the only drag place in all of Kentucky on my first night there. A cute boy kept looking at me through the show, and he eventually sent the bouncer over to get me to talk to him. It was kind of cute, but I could also tell he was extremely drunk. He offered me a drink and I politely said no. I can’t believe I said no to a free drink, but I had to be going soon and I was already feeling good. The show finished, and as a dramatic way to say goodbye, I kissed him. I was never going to come back, and I wasn’t going to see him again, so why not have a romantic kiss? He invited me back to his place but I said no. I am not THAT wild. A kiss was plenty for me.

After that night I could feel a connection between everyone. They went out and let loose, and they finally let the confines of the hotel room. I hope I can get them to have more moments like this, and I hope I get more kisses. If anything this is showing me that love can sometimes be summed up to a moment, but you just have to see it.

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