And They Say Romance is Dead.


I’ve been on the tinder game for a month now, and although I do not take it seriously, I can’t help but have some faith something good can come from it. My ex relationship gave me such high and low expectations from Tinder that I think anything is possible. So when a cute boy starts talking to me a part of me will think my luck has turned for the better, but these boys just prove to me more and more that romance is dead. I think if I seriously wanted a boyfriend right now I would find these antics to be debilitating, but since I don’t, I’m just going to bitch about them.

Using these dating apps is a bitch. It’s so annoying matching with someone and never talking. Or connecting with someone only to have the relationship never develop. Or better yet, having what you think is a great conversation and then they come out of left field thinking they can stick it in your butt. It’s a battlefield, and I don’t want to put myself through that fight again.

Slowly, I’ve stopped looking for people on Tinder or Bumble. I think I was so hyped on looking at the dating field again because I was recently single and wanted to forget about my ex. But now, I’m so lackadaisical about it. Maybe it has to do with some of the conversations I’ve had with people. I asked one guy if he was doing anything fun during the weekend and he replied with, “fucking you.” How romantic, and here I was thinking we were having a great conversation.

Where are the days when people met organically. When we didn’t depend on a phone to tell us where our nearest single was. Did gay’s ever have a day like that? Because being gay and having an organic encounter seems impossible. Or is it?

Recently I was propositioned by two guys in an organic, non dating app required to happen, moment of being asked out. Was this possible? Did I hit the holy grail of dating life? Okay, maybe girls get asked out by guys all the time organically, but this is 2016 and shit like this is rare. Especially in the gay world.

One guy, named Rock, came to see my show Hair. He was there to watch my friend Cheyenne and she introduced us with the hope that I would like him and he would like me. He isn’t too tall, and he wouldn’t be described as the most handsome man in the room, but he was cute and I could tell he was something special. Turns out he’s an actor on a very popular show, but that’s not what makes him special. I don’t know him too well yet, but I can already tell he’s going to play an important role in my life. Maybe that’s dramatic and a bold thing to predict, but I can sense it.

After that brief encounter I started to talk to Cheyenne about him. I would ask her if he said anything about me and turns out he had. He got my number from her and he eventually reached out. We started talking and he asked me out on a date! It was weird, I rarely meet people in person who ask me on dates. It’s not a common thing that happens, but it was nice to be courted in a natural organic way. We’ve spent the week talking, and our first date is planned to be soon.

The second guy is named Brad. This is one I really didn’t expect. He was working on a project I just filmed for Freeform. I’m not exactly sure what he does, but he was the one who reached out to me to get my info for the call sheet.

While on set I thought maybe he was giving me the eyes, but we never really talked and we never said goodbye. I was planning on adding him later on social media because I thought he was cute, but he beat me to the punch. Apparently he had been looking at me, and he hit me up on instagram. We chatted a bit back and forth and then he nonchalantly goes, “You’re a cool guy we should hang out.” I said okay and left it at that. I mean alright, it wasn’t an official ask out, but it was a date like invitation that didn’t come from Tinder or Bumble.

I’m not sure where these dates will lead me, or if they both will even come to fruition, but they taught me one thing. When I stopped looking, boys found me.



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